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Flavorful Winter Wraps

Presents shouldn't be the only wraps this holiday season. Wraps with Ile de France Cheese make delicious winter meals, snacks and appetizers. They're light yet filling, and - most importantly – delicious!

Poultry and meats can be precooked, chopped and mixed in with vegetables – simply add cheese when you're ready to assemble your wrap. All of our cheeses are delicious with both hot and cold wraps and create delightful flavor combinations with meats and vegetables.

Try these combinations and voilà – a gourmet wrap!

Brie & Grape Tortilla Wrap
Grapes help accentuate Ile de France Brie's lovely creaminess and hints of mild sweetness. Add shredded Romaine lettuce for a crisp contrast in texture.

Camembert, Turkey and Cranberry Wrap
Turkey and cranberry is a true holiday favorite. The pairing makes a refreshing wrap. Fresh cranberries or cranberry sauce can be used, and our authentic Camembert will create a whole new flavor sensation.

Chicken, Green Apple, Avocado and Chèvre Wrap
Featuring contrasting flavors and textures, this wrap pops with the tartness of apple, smoothness of avocado and freshness of our goat cheese. Add some red pepper flakes and let the crumbly goat cheese cool off the spice.

Ham and cheese Wrap
Classic and simple – ham, some creamy Comté or Emmental cheese can be combined to make tasty wrap. Add sliced tomatoes, crisp romaine lettuce and bacon bits to for even more flavor and textural contrasts.

St. Agur with Asparagus and Arugala
Wraps don't need many ingredients to be delicious. A whole-wheat wrap filled with melted blue cheese, sautéed asparagus doused and crisp pepper arugala is easy-to-make and delicious.

Chicken or Steak with Blue Cheese
Blue cheese is especially tangy – and delicious with wraps that filled with leafy greens and juicy veggies. Throw in some cubed chicken or steak and you'll have a hearty and satisfying wrap.

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