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Flavor preservation
November 2009

Preserves can be perfect compliments to fine French fromage – especially when delicious gourmet preserves from Bonne Maman are used. Because Bonne Maman uses only the freshest possible fruits in their preserves, you’re sure to get a refreshing flavor to pair with your French cheese of choice.

The complex flavors of French cheese often call for a little balance – and adding zesty fruit flavor as a cheese pairing provides the right balance for gourmet snacking. Try these suggestions next time you’re hungry for a flavorful snacking experience.

- And since whipping up these combos only takes as long as it takes you to open your refrigerator door, fine French pairings have never been simpler!

Ile de France Goat cheese and Bonne Maman plum preserves

This is a delicieux combination that’s as perfect for a gourmet midnight snack as it is for a casual party appetizer. The juiciness of raw plums is evident in the Bonne Maman plum preserves and provides a perfect match for the unique flavor of Ile de France goat cheese.

Did you know: Plum seeds are the finger prints of plums – no two are alike.

The encore: A glass of sauvignon blanc – the wine most chosen to pair with goat cheeses has an acidity that will bring out the individual flavors of the goat cheese and cleanse the plum’s zest from your palette to get ready for the next bite!

Ile de France Brie and Bonne Maman apricot preserves

Ile de France brie can be enjoyed in a variety of ways and is one of the fine French fromages most suited for cooking. But sometimes just brie on bread with a dab of preserves is the way to go. Bonne Maman apricot preserves add a juicy compliment to the brie’s inherent smoothness.

Did you know: Apricots are one of the best sources of natural beta-carotene. They originated in China thousands of years ago and still grow wild in the mountains there.

The encore: Ile de France brie is a buttery and flavorful cheese that goes well with a dry white wine, which also compliments the invigorating apricot flavor of the Bonne Maman preserves.

Etorki with Bonne Maman dark cherry preserves

Etorki is a sheep’s milk cheese that is smooth and packs an inviting aftertaste. Enjoying it with the sweet acidity of dark cherry preserves brings out the best flavor characteristics of each.

Did you know: Cherries contain significant amounts of antioxidants. Forty percent of the cherries available for purchase in the U.S. are imported from Europe.

The encore: A robust dark winter ale will add a deep flavor contrast to the Etorki’s smooth texture and the cherry preserves’ sweetness.

Charles Arnaud Morbier with Bonne Maman raspberry jam

Fine raspberry preserves, a baguette and Charles Arnaud morbier cheese is a gourmet trio that works together to highlight the pungent flavor of morbier by adding to it the delicate sweetness of raspberry jam. Bonne Maman’s raspberry preserves are perfect for pairing with cheese because they contain less seeds than many other brands raspberry jams, making for a smoother texture that doesn’t overpower the cheese’s complexity.

Did you know: One cup of raspberries contains 8 grams of fiber. But since fresh raspberries keep for just a day or two, a fine raspberry jam is an excellent way to get the fruit’s health benefits.

The encore: A light red wine is a great compliment to this rich snack cheese pairing.

Blue cheese with Bonne Maman fig jam

The saltiness and intense flavor of fine blue cheese is a fantastic match for the complex sweet taste of fig preserves. Try St. Agur cheese, a uniquely creamy blue cheese made from cow’s milk that provides a smooth contrast to the Bonne Maman fig jam’s gentle sweetness and refreshing texture.

Did you know: Popular fig pastry cookies have been around since 1891.

The encore: Since some people compare the taste of fresh figs to a combination of peach and strawberry, try enjoying this delicious cheese jam combination with a peach flavored wine cooler and see for yourself.

Bonne Maman preserves and Ile de France Cheese: A gourmet flavor marriage!

Ile de France French cheeses and gourmet preserves from Bonne Maman are a delicious combination because both deliver impeccable quality and gourmet flavor.

Ile de France cheeses are carefully crafted by experienced cheese masters, while Bonne Maman preserves are produced with traditional methods designed to pack as much natural fruit flavor into each jar as possible; Only the best whole fruits are selected and the company’s gentle cooking process preserves the fruit’s naturally refreshing flavors.

The Bonne Maman and Ile de France are both made with traditional French recipes. Try them together - we’re betting you’ll realize right away why both are known around the world for their delicious taste.