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Five ways to enjoy cheese this summer
June 2010

June is the beginning of three months of fun and sun. While fine cheeses are excellent in full-bodied dishes that are popular during the winter months, they can just as easily be enjoyed in light, refreshing and simple ways that are perfect for the summer months ahead!

Try these facile and delicieux ways to savor French fromage this summer!

Picnic – The classic activity for nice weather, a picnic is the perfect way to enjoy a sunny weekend day. When it comes to packing for a picnic, ease is a priority. Packing simple snacks that don’t require a lot of work to make or eat is the key to a tasty and fun picnic menu. Keeping it simple doesn’t have to mean skimping on the flavor, however, and adding French cheeses to a picnic is a très bon way to make a picnic a gourmet experience.

Check out this month’s how to feature for more suggestions and tips for planning a delicious gourmet picnic.

BBQ – Relaxing, fun and delicious best describe the classic barbeque cookout tradition. Most barbeque lovers opt for simple mainstays for their cookout menus - hamburgers, brats, chicken and steaks. Flavors for all these favorites can be jacked up with some fine French fromage!

For example, simply melting some Entremont Emmental cheese on a burger or chicken breast can add a new dimension of flavor to a barbeque. Try some of our great sandwich and burger recipe ideas for a new twist to an old tradition!

For a facile, delicious barbeque appetizer, try hallowing out large mushrooms and spreading Ile de France brie or Camembert cheese on the inside - then lightly grilling them for a delicious BBQ cheese snack!

Ice cream / Cold desserts – While French cheese is delicious melted, there’s plenty of ways to enjoy when it’s cold, as well. Tops on the list is ice cream. Unique, tasty and refreshing, serving cheese with ice cream – or cheese flavored ice cream – is an eye popping way to impress guests and satisfy a craving for a rich, creamy dessert.

Try our uniquely delicious goat cheese Sorbet recipe for a totally nouveau gourmet cheese dessert! For something simpler, vanilla ice cream can be served with a side of goat cheese and berries.

Another easy way to enjoy a cold cheesy treat is serving strawberries with St. Albray cheese and chocolate sauce. This combination creates the rich, smooth flavor of cheesecake with none of the work. Berries can also be served with chocolate and Etorki cheese.

Salads – Cool, crunchy and refreshing salads are a mainstay of any summer diet. And while veggies are a must in salads, it’s safe to say cheese is often the ingredient that adds most flavors to a summer salad recipe. Salads with French cheese can be made all sorts of ways.

Cheeses that easily crumble – like Ile de France goat cheese and Cantorel Roquefort blue cheese – can be added to virtually any salad to increase its flavor.

Goat cheese works especially well with any salad that contains fruit, since it’s fresh, tangy flavor and smooth texture will react well with sweet, refreshing fruits.

Blue cheeses are excellent with any Cesar style salad recipe and are perfect to use in salads with few ingredients, since blues provide a bold flavor experience.

Try these delicious summer salad recipes.

Dip – Facile and flavorful, everyone loves dip – and the right cheese can make any dip recipe pop with flavor.

Try using a gourmet French cheese of the pressed cooked variety. Charles Arnaud Comté, Entremont Emmental and Fol Epi all can be melted on top of either store-bought dips or homemade dips. Doing so will make dipping bread and veggies a totally gourmet experience!

Another simple way to enjoy French cheese dip this summer is simply using Ile de France brie cheese as a dip. Bake a wheel of brie cheese in its rind until it begins to melt – then remove and surround with veggies, fruits and breads. Dipping cold veggies and fruit into warm brie cheese is an exquisite and satisfying way to snack this summer.

Bon appétit!

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