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Five Ways to Get the Goat

Ile de France goat cheeses are made from premium milk collected from grazing goats in the Rhône Alps region of France. The landscape and climatic conditions of this terroir offers to these cheeses a unique flavor and texture.

The quality of the milk is distinguished by the wonderful fresh taste of the cheese mixed with a natural tanginess and a subtle saltiness.

Goat cheese has a fresh, smooth tanginess that’s uniquely delicious. Its flavor can put a new spin on many common dishes as well as provide an unexpected compliment to snacks often made with other types of fromage.

So, next time you’re looking for a cheese fix, try eating goat cheese in a nouveau way! Here are five fabulous ways to enjoy Ile de France goat cheese:

Spice it up - Ile de France goat cheese has a mild tanginess to it that’s a delicious complement to hot and spicy foods. A simple spicy cracker snack is a great way to try goat cheese with some spice. Simply spread the cheese over your favorite crackers, then add hot peppers or hot pepper jelly to create a cheesy-spicy cracker snack!
Another option: For extra sizzle, try using your favorite hot sauce - like Tabasco – with a goat cheese snack. Another easy way to put a nouveau spin on a facile recipe is to use goat cheese with a chicken quesadilla or crumble it and use as the cheese on top of tacos.

Spread it over gourmet pizzas. Goat cheese tastes great with tomato sauce and makes a great substitute for mozzarella cheese on many types of pizza recipes. If you’re in the mood for something more refined than standard pizza, try a goat cheese pizza! Our recipe archive features several excellent goat cheese pizza recipes.
Another option: For an extra easy homemade pizza, buy a premade pizza crust and your favorite store-bought marinara sauce. Use goat cheese and you will instantly have fresh gourmet flavor. Add some artichoke hearts and sliced tomatoes to top it off with extra style and flavor.

Crumble it over spring salads. Ile de France goat cheese has a slightly salty flavor profile that makes it a refreshing and flavorful compliment to salads. When chilled, goat cheese crumbles perfectly over salads and goes especially well with crunchy greens, juicy fruits, vegetables and even bacon bits and olives.
Another option: For a more gourmet flare, try grilling your goat cheese. Cut your Ile de France goat cheese log into slices _ of an inch think, then mash bread crumbs into each side of the slices. Place the cheese slices on a medium heated frying pan or grill, and cook on each side until the bread crumb coating is slightly crispy.

Melt it over steaks or in pork chops – Goat cheese melts terrifically and complements flavorful meats with its fresh and tangy flavor. For pork chops, goat cheese can be added to any type of filling used to make stuffed chops. Goat cheese can be melted over steaks near the end of the cooking process to add an excellent new flavor to the meat.
Another option: Goat cheese can be used with hamburgers, turkey burgers and veggie burgers. It’s fresh flavor profile is especially delicious during the spring and summer months and tastes great with lettuce and tomatoes.

Scramble it with eggs – A quick breakfast doesn’t have to be devoid of flavor. Adding the unique, fresh taste of Ile de France Goat Cheese makes standard scrambled eggs pop with flavor. Simply slowly cook scrambled eggs until nearly complete, then add as much crumbled goat cheese as you desire to the egg mixture. Finish cooking the eggs and allow the goat cheese to melt and voila: A facile and flavorful breakfast in no time!
Another option: If you are looking for something a little more refined than scrambled eggs, try baking goat cheese with your favorite quiche – it goes especially well with veggies commonly added to quiche, like mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers.

Try all the flavors
Ile de France goat cheese comes in several different flavors, all with unique taste profiles. In addition to the classic French goat cheese, Ile de France offers goat cheese flavored with garlic and herbs, crushed peppercorns, basil and tomato tapenade and black olive tapenade. All varieties come in the La Buchete 10.5 oz size and the smaller 4 oz Petite Buche.

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