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Five Smoked Sensations

Smoked meats and vegetables are cooked low and slow using wood chips to create uniquely delicious flavors. Combined with the rich creaminess of Ile de France cheeses, smoked flavors are a true gourmet indulgence.

1. Salad with smoked corn and Ile de France goat cheese
Throw some corn cobs, husk on, into a smoker for about two hours, then remove the kernels and mix with your favorite salad along with crumbles of Ile de France Goat Cheese. Corn adds a sweet, crunchy snap, and tastes even better thanks to the smoky flavor. Goat Cheese provides a smooth tangy bite, creating fabulous flavor and texture combinations. No smoker? You can use a charcoal grill, too. Simply place wood smoker chips on one side of the grill, corn on the other and enclose for about two hours.

2. Smoked Ham with Camembert
Ham is traditionally cured, and has a sweet and salty flavor that makes it a favorite among sandwich lovers. When smoked, the flavor in ham intensifies, creating unique richness. Such a flavorful meat is even better paired with creamy, robust Ile de France Camembert. Take a simple ham and cheese sandwich to gourmet heights by using smoked ham, Camembert cheese, and crusty French baguette!

3. Smoked Turkey and Brie
The rich, gamey flavor of turkey is a perfect complement to smooth and ultra-creamy Ile de France Brie cheese. Smoked turkey makes everything even more mouth-watering! Try serving bites of turkey and Brie on pretzel sticks for an easy party snack idea.

4. Bacon and Brie BLT
The BLT is a classic sandwich, but there's always been one important ingredient missing from this legendary delight – cheese! Smoky and salty, bacon is the candy of meats. When crunchy bacon is paired with luxurious melted brie, the combination is heavenly. Don't forget the lettuce, tomato, and mayo of course!

5. Smoked bell peppers with blue cheese dip
Bell peppers are firm, juicy, and provide a crunch that brings life to sandwiches and salads. Slices of bell pepper are great for dipping; try smoking some peppers and then slicing them into long stripes. Prepare one of our gourmet Blue cheese dips using Roquefort or St Agur cheeses, and enjoy!

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