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Fall Vegetables Make Flavorful Quiches

Cheese quiches - quiches au fromage in French - are an everyday delight that's savored all over the world. With fresh fall vegetables and some Ile de France cheese, they effortlessly become gourmet autumn treats.

Fall's bounty of fresh vegetables is hearty, flavorful and filled with the earthy colors of autumn. Vegetables like squash, beets, mushrooms, zucchini and broccoli are all delicious with our creamy French cheeses and beaten eggs. There's an abundance of ways to make quiches brim with the freshest fall flavors – all sorts of combinations are delicious!

Etorki, Emmental or Fol Epi taste great in quiches because of their hearty, smooth flavor. Blue cheeses like our Roquefort and St. Agur add intense flavor that's a great pair with quiches that feature the smooth flavors of mushrooms and squash. It's easy to create lovely flavor combinations. Roquefort with spinach and mushrooms, broccoli with Brie and ham, Goat Cheese with spinach and onions are just a few can't miss options.

So savor the ultimate autumn brunch by adding your favorite fall vegetables to our fabulous quiche recipes.

Ile de France Goat Cheese Tuna Quiche
Tuna shines with our traditional fresh Chèvre, and it's great with eggs and fall vegetable, too. Add your favorite fall veggies to this recipe and savor an uniquely flavorful brunch.

Quiche with Cold cuts and Ile de France Brie
This recipe creates luscious layers of eggs and fromage featuring hearty meats that are delicious with ripe tomatoes, cubed squash, broccoli or zucchini.

Ile de France Roquefort Quiche
This quiche packs the true blue cheese flavor of our Roquefort. This incredibly creamy cheese is versatile because its saltiness is offset by a striking smoothness. It goes well with the egg mixture - and tastes great with yellow squash and other serene fall flavors.

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written by Renate Uhl, November 03, 2013
looks very tasty.
written by Renate Uhl, October 13, 2013
looks very tasty.
written by Bonnie, October 11, 2013
This look's & sound's divine!!!!!

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