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Fall Flavor Trifecta: Cheese, Beer & Pretzels!!

It's easy to create a gourmet triple threat with cheese, beer and pretzels – but only when Ile de France Cheese is invited to the party!

There are many ways to enjoy pretzels, but snackers everywhere agree - they're just not the same without cheese. And the better the cheese, the better the pretzels! Ile de France Cheese with pretzels and just the right beer pairing completes the ultimate munchies experience. Try these tips and experience snack time bliss!

Basic cheese-pretzel goodness
- Pretzels are malty with a restrained sweetness. An intense crunch and boldly salted topping gives them their famous pop of flavor and their dry texture deliciously absorbs the complex flavors of our cheeses. Brie and Camembert are perfect for pretzels. Robust beers like fall seasonal brews make both even more scrumptious. Try our Octoberfest beer and cheese pairing tips, grab your favorite brand of pretzels and experiment!

Pretzel pizza delights
- Our cheese sauce recipes can be made into delightful dipping sauces or used to make extra cheesy mini pizzas. Find your favorite flat pretzel crisp rounds, top with ham or prosciutto and finish with a cheese sauce glaze and you will have game-changing munchies in no time! Our Goat Cheese Pizza Recipes offer some fun ideas that can be used to make mini pizzas using pretzel dough. For snacks this flavorful, stick to lighter beers like pilsners and smooth, lighter ales.

Bold dippers
- Homemade pretzels are incredible with blue cheese dipping sauce. For something even easier, just snack on your favorite store-bought pretzels along with our new Crème de Saint Agur. Serve with sliced pears, apples and a side of honey.

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written by Richard Tortora, October 29, 2013
Happy Halloween
written by Jo Cranford, October 29, 2013
I love cheese!!
written by billy wilson, October 29, 2013
thanks....I love brie
written by Cynthia Finan, October 29, 2013
BOO! Found you!
written by fran murph, October 29, 2013
Lucky me I found the Ghost
written by Kathi Taylor, October 28, 2013
love it, a practical giveaway.
written by Bonnie, October 11, 2013
I'd love to win this!!!! Whoop Whoop!!!!!

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