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Dessert with cheese Please!
October 2009

Serving desserts with cheese is a great way to wow and surprise your guests, especially when you present a flavor combination they haven’t tried, or perhaps even thought of, before. The wide variety of flavors, textures and intensities found in different French fromages makes for an infinite number of ways to serve and enjoy them. One way – serving cheese with ice cream – is sure to get your guests talking. Try some of our delicieux cheese and ice cream suggestions and you’ll be sure to spark a memorable encore to your gourmet get together!

Ice cream and cheese
Gourmet cheese and ice cream makes for a luxurious treat that will surprise and impress those who’ve never enjoyed them together. The creaminess of cheeses like Ile de France brie is amplified when paired with the cool, refreshing texture of ice cream. The result is a velvety, tres bien combination!

When you are in the mood for a rich dessert, pair some chocolate ice cream with Ile de France brie. For a more mild combo try pairing brie or camambert with a vanilla or coffee ice cream, or one flavored with natural cheese compliments like pares, peaches, blueberries or plums.

One of a kind
Pairing cheese and ice cream creates a distinctive treat – but those who really want something new can make their own custom cheese ice cream. Some flavoring suggestions include goat-cheese pear, blueberry brie and peach-camambert. Ice cream enthusiasts can either make their own from scratch with an ice cream maker– our St. Andre gelato recipe includes instructions – or mix their favorite creamy French cheese together with heavy cream and add it to vanilla ice cream. Whatever preparation style you use, be sure to place the finished product in the freezer until it reaches your desired hardness level – and voila – c’est boin and innovative cheese ice cream!

Back to basics 
If you’re in search of a more traditional dessert with cheese to serve, we’ve got you covered with our gourmet recipes for cheesecake, pumpkin pie, and chocolate St. Andre. Browse through our whole cheese dessert recipes archive for many more recipes that feature all sorts of other great pairings and presentation styles.