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Crème de
St. Agur

Imagine a wonderfully smooth cream cheese, with crumbles of blue cheese, in a little pot. Grab a cracker, remove the hexagonal, resealable lid, and enjoy the spread's tantalizing taste: mild, with a real blue taste.. so yummy, you'll grab the next cracker and slather it on even thicker! You’ll be amazed and delighted by this lovely new cheese. It's no surprise that it received the gold medal at the Concours Général Agricole (General Agricultural Contest) in 2009.                                                                             


Crafted in the Haute Loire region of France, (just like Saint Agur), Crème de Saint Agur is made from mountain cow’s milk, and it offers a mild blue taste with creamy texture, that appeals to many palates from young to old.


Enjoy it hot or cold! The possibilities are endless with Crème de Saint Agur, and it allows you to easily add a gourmet twist to your favorite recipes - spread it on crusty French breads, spoon it onto baked potatoes, put it on pasta dishes, or use it as a dip for crudities. The Crème de Saint Agur can also be placed in the microwave to make a warm spread (see instructions for proper handling). Pour a full-bodied red wine, like Syrah or Chardonnay, Port when serving this cheese. 


Take a look at the interview with master cheese maker Pascal Véron, to find out more about Saint Agur’s cheese making traditions.                                                                                                                                         

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written by Andy Baranowski, September 19, 2015
Perfect stuffed in olives for Martinis
written by denis deacon, September 18, 2015
sainsburys sell saint agur blue four two pounds a pot
written by Marie Theresa Bickley, November 18, 2014
I didn't like Blue Cheese until I tried St Agur blue cheese and thought it was lovely then I tried the Creme Blue and that is absolutely delicious my cat thinks so as well he always looks for his share and then cleans out the pot
written by Aires Mario da Cruz, October 01, 2014
St. Agur is not for humans; it's a cheese for the gods.
Love it!!!
written by Peter Fleming, December 12, 2013
My wife and I are hooked on ST AGUR , we discovered it at our local Asda store in Runcorn Cheshire and they haven't had any stock for 2 months now, we are into serious withdrawal . Can anyone tell me where else I can buy it p.l.e.a.s.e. !,,,,,
written by Joe Nemeth, April 01, 2012
That looks so rich and creamy dreamy!
written by Mike B, Sale, Manchester, December 15, 2010
Food of the Gods

Chop 4 or 5 fat garlic cloves into thin slices.

Roughly chop a large man, sized portion of white mushrooms, the mis-shaped ones are the best.

Put a drizzle of olive oil into a large frying pan/wok and apply heat.

Fry the garlic until just turning brown, then throw in a big teaspoon full of coarse ground black pepper.

Add 3 or 4 big tablespoons of butter, real salted stuff is best but spreadable will do. Stir it up to disperse the garlic and pepper.

When all the butter is melted and bubbling, throw in the mushrooms and stir around for about 4 or 5 minutes until all are cooked and the mushrooms start to release their juice.

Meanwhile make 3 slices of blonde toast and butter (to hell with the calories)

Add half a tub of St Agur spreadable to the pan and stir in well.

When it all is bubbling, turn out the contents of the pan onto the toast and dust lightly all over with ground black pepper.

DO NOT SHARE!! Eat it all while hot, do not allow to get cold, washed down with a can of smooth British bitter beer.
written by andrew oldfield, October 03, 2010
thank god it's finally available in the UK - utterly delicious.
written by Ilja, October 01, 2010
Just moved to Paris and discovered this cheese today at the local Carrefour Supermarche. All is have to say is WOW... Incredibly smooth and yet a rich tasting blue cheese that's spreadable. Hats off to the Saint Agur team!
written by Sarah, August 24, 2010
I would like to know where to purchase Creme de Saint Agur and Creme de Camembert online. Also, does anyone know where to purchase Snofrisk online too? Thanks!
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