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Cold Appetizer Platters with Cheese

As the weather warms up you'll want to cool down your party fare

Entertaining in the spring calls for some cool and refreshing appetizers. Ile de France cheese is a great way to enhance cold appetizers and finger foods.

Whether you're making a cheese plate filled with fruit and vegetables, offering meats and breads with different cheeses or creating unique bite-sized treats, cold appetizer platters are a great way to get creative!

The best part is that many cold appetizers and finger foods are very easy to make - yet look delightfully gourmet! Shoot for offering different flavors, textures, aromas and colors to create a classic warm weather appetizer board that stimulates the senses and satisfies the palette!

Cold appetizer and finger food ideas

Simple Cold Appetizer Platter with Cheese
Presenting an assortment of raw vegetables along with olives, cheeses, crackers and cured meats is a simple and delicious way to present cold appetizers. You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you like. Be sure to include hard and soft cheeses, mild and strong flavors and cheeses made from different milk types. Ile de France Goat Cheese, along with our cow's milk Brie and sheep's milk Etorki are great choices. Add a creamy, boldly flavored blue cheese like Ile de France Roquefort to round out the flavors. The different cheeses are different colors, which adds lovely aesthetic variety to the cheese plate.

Hummus, Fromage and French Baguette
Whether you make your own or buy it prepared, Hummus is mild yet offers deep flavors and a fresh texture. It also tastes great with fresh vegetables, French bread, tortilla chips and hard cheeses like Fol Epi, Etorki and Emmental. Grapes, berries and assorted sliced fresh fruits make delicious, colorful garnishes for the cheese, hummus and breads.

Honey fruit skewers with Suprême cheese
Honey offers a natural sweetness that tastes great with cheeses and offers the type of delightful crisp flavor that's perfect for spring.

Deviled Eggs with Goat Cheese, Scallions and Dill
A bite sized treat, these deviled eggs look as good as they taste. A great choice for brunch gatherings, these have the added benefit of looking much harder to make than they actually are.

Prosciutto - Wrapped Brie Bites
Another lovely flavor combination that tastes great when served cold, this finger food features sundried tomatoes and Prosciutto – a zesty and delicious match for the creamy and flavorful Brie.

Vegetable Skewers with Saint Albray
Our vegetable skewer recipe features ham and gourmet St. Andre cheese. An excellent way to get a party started, these are easy to eat, serve and prepare. Cheese and vegetable skewers are delicious cooled and are bursting with flavor. Perfect for creating a fun, low-key party atmosphere.

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