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Flavor Club: Club Sandwiches with Cheeses

Adding Ile de France Cheese to a club sandwich makes the ordinary dish an exclusive delight.

At hotels, restaurants and bars around the world, the club sandwich is sure to be found. Basic and satisfying, the sandwich has a reputation as nourishing, though a bit of a bore when it comes to flavor.

That's easy to change when Ile de France Cheeses are added to the mix! While a classic club sandwich formula consists of lettuce, tomatoes, mayo and turkey, there's an infinite number of ways to create unique versions.

Our unique club sandwich recipes show that you don't have to follow the tired formula. Just keep enough of the classic attributes to make your sandwich a true club - cut it into fourths, toast the bread, load it up with fresh ingredients and use toothpicks to hold it all together.

The fresh taste of our Goat cheese and the rich flavor of our signature Brie take club sandwiches to the next level of flavor while unique fillers like tuna and apple create a fun and unique mouth feel. These may not be your average clubs, but they feature much more flavor. Try making these club sandwiches for a gourmet lunch or no fuss weeknight dinner. Feel free to give them a more traditional club feel by adding fresh Romaine lettuce and tomato slices.

Goat Cheese & Tuna

Brie, Bacon & Apple

Brie with Ham & Tomato

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written by Lois Tolan, April 01, 2013

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