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Five 4 Star Chocolate & Cheese Combos

Cheese and chocolate are rich, savory and surprisingly delicious when paired.

Bold. Rich. Flavorful. There are plenty of words that apply to both chocolate and cheese, so why not combine the two and create the ultimate flavor festival?

It's easy to do. In fact, there's a chocolate and cheese pairing for everyone. Whether you prefer soft mild cheeses or full-flavored hard cheese, milk chocolate, dark chocolate or hot coco - you're certain to find a combination that suits your taste.

Here are five chocolate and cheese pairings with enough rich and delicious flavors to warm up the coldest February night:

Chocolate Brie En Croute
Brie is a smooth, buttery cheese that presents a perfect palette companion for a rich and creamy chocolate sauce. Brie en Croute is a traditional, heated brie dish that features the fromage housed in a delicate pastry shell. The addition of a store bought chocolate sauce - or a homemade version – easily transforms it into a chocolate delight. For tips, just check out our Raspberry Brie en Croute recipe and substitute your favorite chocolate sauce for the raspberry chipotle.

Chocolate-dipped berries with Etorki Cheese
As simple as can be - yet as flavorful as any cheese and chocolate concoction can be - berries, chocolate and Etorki cheese are all you need to enjoy cheese and chocolate. Any type of berry is delicious with Etorki cheese, which also can be melted into a delicious dip. Chocolate sauce can be dripped onto the cheese itself as well, which makes for a fantastic sweet-salty contrast.

Chocolate-glazed St. André
St. André is a triple cream cheese that's decadently full-flavored. It's scrumptious when enjoyed with any type of melted chocolate. This recipe calls for fresh strawberries to be added in, making this the world's easiest to prepare cheese cake! But St. André can be enjoyed on it's own with a simple bar of chocolate, as well.

White Chocolate Cheesecake
White chocolate may not be as common as milk chocolate, but it's flavorful and looks incredibly elegant. It's perfect to make a truly sinfully delicioux cheesecake. This original recipe features Ile de France Brie but can also be made with our fabulous new Normandie Camembert.

Dark Blue
For something simple that really shows off an unusual and delicious combination, try serving dark chocolate with a blue cheese such as Roquefort of St. Albray. The salty cheese and smooth, rich chocolate make a delicious combination.