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Ile de France: Chèvremousse
Ile de France: Chèvremousse

Our new Chèvremousse is an all-natural, uniquely flavorful whipped goat cheese. A perfect topping for bagels, baguette or crackers, its luxurious texture gives it a satisfying mouth feel to match an ultra fresh flavor profile.

Our unique recipe is sure to seduce Foodies craving authenticity and true flavor.

Made from fresh goat's milk - collected daily in France.

Its ultra rich flavor comes from 50% goat's cream, which makes the cheese easy to spread and full of the all-natural flavors produced by grass fed goats.

Versatile, this whipped spreadable goat cheese is perfect on baguette, baked potatoes, burgers, pizzas or as a simple vegetable dip.

Other ways to savor our newest authentic French cheese

Savory or sweet spreads - enjoy it with fruit preserves like apricot jam for a lovely sweet and salty combination on toast or pastries. Keep it simple and savory by serving it plain with crushed pistachios, walnuts or almonds sprinkled on top.

Next time you're in the mood for a bagel, skip the cream cheese and slather on some Chèvremousse. Add smoked salmon to create a gourmet delight. Garnish with thinly sliced cucumbers, dill or chives for extra flavor. Adding a scrambled egg to the mix makes for a fuss free breakfast delight.

Goat cheese may not be the most well-known smoothie ingredient, but when our whipped Chèvremousse is added into a fruit smoothie, the flavor is truly refreshing. Try a dash of our new whipped goat cheese with a handful of figs and raspberries mixed into a luscious smoothie with plain Greek yogurt and a few drops of honey.

Ile de France Chèvremousse