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Cheesy Potato Goodness

Smother some spuds with Fromage for a hearty delight!

Potatoes are one of the world's most ubiquitous foods. Their mellow yet satisfying flavor is perfect for adding all sorts of embellishments – so it's no surprise that potatoes are fantastic with cheese!

From simple baked potatoes to elaborate, colorful potato salads, potatoes and cheese are a fantastic pair.

Here's a rundown of some of the most fantastic ways to enjoy cheese and potatoes together:

Potato Salad

A classic summer cookout side dish, potato salad comes in all sorts of variations. Try our Warm & Zesty Grilled Potato Salad with Saint Albray for a zesty salad that provides great texture.

Our Potato Salad with Camembert recipe is also delicious, with a flavor that's a bit mellower. Try this recipe when the main course is a bit more flavorful, like Buffalo chicken or barbequed ribs.

Baked Potato

Skip the sour cream and butter and go for something much more tasty on your baked spuds: Ile de France Brie! The Brie's subtlety meshes wonderfully with potatoes' flavors.

The Brie has a smooth flavor that's much more interesting than standard potato toppings, offering lingering notes of mushrooms that turns a plain baked potatoe into a real gourmet delight. The Brie melts perfectly and its texture combines nicely with potatoes starchiness.

If a bolder flavor is called for, try adding a blue cheese to your baked potatoes. Roquefort and Bleu d'Auvergne are excellent choices, with the Roquefort offering the boldest flavor of the two. Both melt easily and provide delicious texture.

For an even simpler option, simply boil some potatoes and serve them along side cubed or crumbled portions of blue cheese, or hard fromages likeFol Epi andEtorki.

French Fries

Cheesy fries are universally loved and are much simpler to make at home than many people think. Fries can be baked, fired in a pan with oil, deep fried broiled or even placed on tin foil and grilled. Once the long skinny potatoe slices are cooked the real fun starts - top them with a generous portion of grated fromage for a unique and tasty summer delight. Try a hard fromage - like Fol Epi and Etorki – for a deliciously meltable cheese choice.