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Cheese with sweet wines
March 2010

Cheese and sweet fruit have always been considered an excellent pair and enjoying fromage with sweet wines is a natural extension of that.

The complex, luxurious flavors and textures of fine French cheese are enhanced with the crisp edge of sweetness present in many wines. You’ll love the blends of flavors, textures and aromas of these delicieux combinations, which are a perfect way to relax as winter winds down and your mind imagines the coming spring thaw.

Mulled wine
Mulled wine is wine infused with spices. It is usually red and is typically served warm – making it a trés bien beverage to serve during the late winter months. Try a mulled wine that features the rich taste of cinnamon and cloves and savor it with a blue cheese. The saltiness of the cheese will blend with the deep flavors of the spiced wine. Cantorel Roquefort, Charles Arnaud Comté and Saint Albray are excellent choices for this classic cheese pairing.

Classic port
Ports are sweet red wines often served as dessert wines, which makes them a delicious pair with several French cheeses.

Ile de France Brie with an aged port wine makes for a mellow and delicious pair. Add apple slices or apricot preserves on the side of the brie and you’ll create a simple, refreshing dessert experience.

Ports also work with hard, mild sheep's milk cheese like Etorki. White port - a fortified wine with a lot of body - goes well with Brie or a hard cheese such as Fol Epi. Ruby port works well with full-flavored goat's milk cheeses, such as the Ile de France la Buchette goat cheese.

Medium sherry
Sherry wine is made from white grapes and packs a sweet flavor that’s delicious but not over-powering.

Sherry is a great pair for rambol Gourmandise or a salty blue cheese. Sweet sherry and blue cheese are ideal because the saltiness of the cheese and the sweetness of the sherry complement one another perfectly. Sherry makes for a memorable pairing with milder blue cheeses such as the Ile de France blue Brie as well.

A Tokaji wine from Hungary, with a floral and apricot flavor, is a good match for Cantorel Roquefort.