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Cheese with Ice Cream & Parfait

Cool off with a uniquely delicious combination of gourmet flavors!

Cold cheese desserts make energizing late summer treats. Delicious and unique, ice cream and parfait desserts featuring Ile de France Cheeses are sure to hit the spot.

So why not offer a fun new flavor at your next get together? Cheese and ice cream isn't the most common combination but the flavor harmony they create will make your guests wonder why. The flavors of creamy cheeses like our authentic French Brie are enhanced by the coolness of ice cream. The velvety result is delicious. Check out our tips and recipes!

- Ile de France Brie and Camembert Cheeses are delicious with vanilla or coffee ice cream. For a mild dessert, try serving the cheeses at room temperature. Their creaminess is amplified by the cold sweetness.

- For something richer, try chocolate ice cream with Ile de France Brie. Add a sweet fruit compliment like blueberries, strawberries or peaches.

- If you're craving something more memorable, make a custom cheese ice cream using an ice cream maker (like the one we're giving away all month!) There are tons of delicious flavor options, from goat cheese and pears to blueberry and chocolate with Brie.

Try making one of our cream and cheese dessert recipes!

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