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Pasta sauces with cheese

Sauce is perhaps the most versatile dish in the world. Savory or sweet, thick or thin, cheese sauces add flavor to vegetables, fish, paultry, beef and more. One of the most flavorful sauces around is a sauce recipe enhanced with melted cheese!

Since cheeses can be added to almost any sauce recipe, making the options for creating one-of-a-kind cheese-infused sauces truly endless! Meltable cheeses, such as our hard and hard pressed cheeses, as well as many softer cheeses like brie cheese and goat cheese can be used make delicious sauces. Blue cheese is an option as well, and is an excellent way to "step up" the flavors in an all purpose sauce.

Here's a few of our favorite cheese sauce recipes, most of which are not only delicious on pasta, but can also be savored on breads, potatoes and even salads.