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Cheese muffins - a savory baked delight

Put a cheesy spin on warm muffins with these delectable recipes!

Savory single-serve delights, cheese muffins can serve as snacks, side dishes and even party hors d'oeuvres.

While sweet muffins like blueberry or chocolate chip are more common, savory muffins with cheese are a smooth, creamy and uniquely flavorful treat. Adding grated cheese to muffin recipes creates a muffin with surprising versatility. Serve them along with eggs at breakfast, with soup, next to a leafy green salad at lunch or as a snack any time!

Cheese muffins have a distinctive texture that often differs from regular muffins. A bit crisp on the outside while airy and cheesy on the inside – it only takes a few ingredients to prepare these fluffy, cheesy delights!

Cheese muffin tips:

- Stir rather than beat the batter. The dry ingredients should be thoroughly mixed yet still a bit lumpy – overly stirred batter can make the muffins smaller or create a rubbery texture.

- Bake the muffins immediately after stirring the batter.

- To make especially tender and moist muffins, use extra large eggs.

- It's easy to control how robust the cheese taste is with both the type of cheese and the amount used. Any fromage that melts well can be used in cheese muffins.

Goat Cheese Muffins
A delicious marriage of sweet and salty, these mellow muffins nicely combine cubed soft logs of Ile de France goat cheese and raisins.

Chaumes Muffins
These salty muffins pack an intense cheese flavor and texture that releases the full flavor profile of the fromage.

Madeleines with a Fol Epi Heart
This Madeleine (the French relative of muffin) offers maximum flavor in an elegant package. With smooth Fol Epi cheese deliciously melted inside, the contrast of textures is on full display.

Cheese and Walnut Muffins
Cheese and nuts are a delicious pairing in any context, and the crunchy, creamy contrast is even more savory and satisfying in muffin form.

Cheese and Ham Muffins
Ham and cheese are a classic combination. Pair them in a muffin and it's an instant, convenient and heartily delicious single serve delight!