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Cheese Grating Greatness
Grating cheese is a simple technique that rewards food lovers in all sorts of ways.

There are more than a few reasons to grate fine cheeses at home.

Freshly grated cheese melts effortlessly, blends seamlessly into all sorts of dishes, looks great and tastes delicious.

Freshness and flavor

Grating fresh cheese unlocks all the flavors of each fromage. So when various shredded gourmet cheeses are mixed together, the flavors are unique, complex and tremendously flavorful.

After all, there's a reason fine restaurants offer freshly grated cheese as a table service along with many dishes.

Since recipes ranging from soups to stuffed pears call for grated cheese, every foodie should be equipped to grate cheese!

Grades of grading

All of the hard and hard-pressed cheeses we feature can be grated or shaved easily. If a recipe calls for the fromage to blend in thoroughly – like a soup or sauce - grate the cheese into a fine mixture.

For a topping, stand-alone ingredient or flavorful garnish, thicker shavings – either long narrow strands or spirals – work best. Make the strands thicker for soups and salads so the cheese can be enjoyed as its own bite or combined on a fork with other ingredients.

When it comes to graters, a standard four-sided rectangular grater will work for just about any recipes that call for grated cheese. If a large amount of finely grated cheese is needed, a basic food processor works well.

General cheese grating tips:

- Grate cheese when it's a bit cold to avoid crumbling and clumping.

- Spray your cheese grater a cooking spray, a light layer of butter or olive oil to keep fromage from getting stuck.

- Grate extra cheese can keep the extra in a the bottom drawer of your refrigerator. Grated cheese can easily be stored so there will always be a delicious dash of grated fromage on hand to flavor up everyday foods like eggs, salads or potatoes.

Recipes that call for great grating:

Tons of recipes call for grated cheeses; here's a few of our favorite, selected to show variety. To find more simply search for "grated" in our recipe database.

Macaroni and Cheese
Chicken and Brie quesadillas
Comte and asparagus frittata
Cauliflower cream soup

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