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Cheese & Peach Pairing Perfection

Peaches are the ultimate summer fruit. Sweet, juicy and full of vibrant flavors, they offer a smooth and refreshing taste that's perfect for warm weather. Alone, peaches are hard to beat - but when paired with Ile de France Cheeses, they're wildly luscious!

Our authentic French cheeses have creamy textures that make the joyfully sweet acidity of peaches shine. Their fresh, sweet aroma and juicy flavors match deliciously with our savory cheese. From simple crostinis to grilled appetizers and salads, pairing peaches with cheese makes the flavors of both better by creating intense sweet and salty contrast.

Peaches with Roquefort Cheese
Grilled Peaches with Ile de France Roquefort Cheese makes an incredible outdoor appetizer. The sweet and savory treat features intense, creamy flavors and sweet juices that mix deliciously. For something more elegant, make some crostinis with sliced baguette, a touch of garlic, crumbled Roquefort and a dash of honey. Heat in an oven or on foil on top of an outdoor grill.

Peaches with Goat Cheese
Ripe peaches aren't available all year, so you want to savor their freshness while you can. So why not enjoy them alongside a cheese known for its own fresh, zesty highlights? Our Goat Cheese accentuates the fruit's natural sweetness with a slightly salty, bright flavor. Try the pairing with mild Vinaigrette or a bit of drizzled honey. The peaches can be served warm or cold, with goat cheese crumbled on top and the dressing glazed over both.

Peaches with Crème de St. Agur
The intricate flavors of peaches are delicious with Crème de St. Agur, a smooth blue cheese that packs true blue cheese taste without an overpowering flavor profile. It's perfect for party pairing with peaches because it's mild enough for those not used to full-flavored cheeses. Try lightly grilling peaches at your next cookout, then serve them topped with the cheese. Go for a bit of caramelization on the fruit's exterior to add a delightful touch of texture. Try our Grilled Caramelized Peaches with Etorki recipe for another delicious pairing!