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Cheese and Chocolate Pairing Surprises

Rich creaminess and a succulent consistency make chocolate an indulgent treat that's easy to enjoy. Delicious on its own, chocolate paired with cheese is even more delectable.

It may not be the most common pairing, but that just makes it more fun! If you've never had the two together, February is the perfect month to find out for yourself why cheese adds a surprisingly delicious twist to chocolate. Try the following suggestions to get you started on a sweet new gastronomic journey!

- Ile de France Brie is a smooth, buttery cheese that presents a perfect palette companion for a rich and creamy milk chocolate sauce. Brie en Croute is heated Brie inside a crisp pastry that can be made with chocolate sauce to create an incredible flavorful dessert. To try it just make our Raspberry Brie en Croute recipe with chocolate sauce instead of raspberry.

- Roquefort is amazing with the smooth sweetness of dark chocolate. The full-flavored blue offers a tangy saltiness that mixes with the cool sweetness of dark chocolate. The wildly contrasting flavors go together startlingly well. For this pairing, it's best to keep it simple. The flavors are strong enough that a few dark chocolate shavings on a plate with crumpled Roquefort are enough for a satisfying light dessert.

- Ile de France Goat Cheese features a fresh flavor that is slightly salty, making it an excellent treat to enjoy with sweeter chocolates and melted dark chocolate flakes. Try this combination on graham crackers or with ice cream for a truly unique combination sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

More cheese and chocolate surprises

Chocolate-dipped berries with Etorki Cheese
Chocolate, fresh berries and Etorki cheese make a simple and gorgeous dessert.

Chocolate-glazed St. André
St. André is an extravagantly creamy cheese that's mouthwatering with any kind of smooth chocolate.

White Chocolate Cheesecake
White chocolate and Ile de France Brie cheese make an outrageously flavorful cheesecake.