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Cheese Soup Sensations

Sumptuous soups are a snap to make when French cheese is your secret ingredient!

Nothing compares to the silkiness of a creamy bowl of warm and flavorful soup. There are all sorts of soup recipes that show off the unique flavors of cheese, either as a main ingredient or a topping. We've compiled a range of recipes for soups that feature all sorts of gourmet French cheese – and all can be prepared in 30 minutes or less!

Beer Cheese
Beer and cheese are the main attractions of this smooth, flavorful soup. When served with crusty bread it makes an easy hot meal or snack. While the soup requires several ingredients, the preparation time is relatively short. The beer takes on new flavors when combined with Fol Epi, a protein-rich fromage that features an exceptionally creamy texture and nutty, fruity flavor.

Spanish Creamy Broccoli Soup
This classic broccoli soup gets even richer and creamier with a dose of smooth Fol Epi. This recipe includes intensely flavored Roquefort toasts as a topping. Our Roquefort is made from sheep's milk and features a robust profile that's salty and satisfying, giving this smooth soup a flavorful lift.

French Onion Soup
This mainstay of French cuisine doesn't feature many ingredients – but it brilliantly brings out the best flavors of each. Making French onion soup is about getting as much flavor as possible out of the rich broth, caramelized onions, French bread, and melted cheese.

Cream of Cauliflower with St. Agur
Cauliflower is a mild, smooth-flavored vegetables that makes a perfect base for showcasing St Agur, a delicious blue cheese made from rich cow's milk. The vibrant blue cheese flavor and smooth creamy texture of this soup make is it a perfect comfort food.

Vine-Ripened Summer Tomato And Basil Soup With Goat Cheese
Serve this refreshing soup warmed or chilled - it combines fresh flavors that mix very well. The vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh, aromatic basil and tangy Ile de France Goat Cheese are a flavorful treat.