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Cheese Pie Special

Cheese is a delicious ingredient in pies – and not just for dessert!

Savory, hearty, sweet or salty – there's a cheese pie to satisfy any craving.

Whether a veggie-fill cheesy appetizer pie or a warm, oozing apple and cheese pie topped with luscious ice cream - fine fromage makes pies overflow with unique flavors.

Try these delectable cheese pie recipes for a flavorful treat before, during or after a meal!

Caramel apple tartlets with Chaumes
Cheese in an apple pie may sound odd at first - but once it's tasted, the combination makes delicious sense. Gooey caramel, rich and creamy Chaumes cheese and tender sliced apples make an impossible to resist trio in this recipe.

Gallete of leeks and Ile de France Brie
With a prepared piecrust and canned artichoke hearts, this gourmet side dish is extremely easy to make. Leeks are milder and sweeter than onions – allowing the deliciously smooth flavor of our Brie to really shine. Brie melts effortlessly and gives this pie a silky texture – providing a perfect palette for the artichoke petals and luscious leeks to come together in a hearty, flavorful cheese pie.

Vegetable Pie with Goat Cheese
Fresh-tasting Ile de France Goat Cheese is a great pair with a variety of vegetables – a delicious fact that's on full display in this cheese pie. Squash, mushrooms, onions and cherry tomatoes combine to compliment the cheese in this hearty pie. Perfect for early fall, this pie can be served for any meal. Ham can be added to make a heartier meal.

Tomato and Camembert Cheese Pie
Cheese and tomatoes is a classic combination that's a natural for a savory pie recipe. This one features smooth and full-flavored Ile de France Camembert. The dish can be modified easily for any occasion. Potatoes, carrots, broccoli and more can be added in to make the dish even more delicious.

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written by Lu, November 07, 2015
The one with goat cheese is my favorite!
Please share recipes of this type of pie.
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