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Cheese Finger Food Fun - Cheese Appetizers Perfect for Showers!

Bite-sized Foods with Cheese are the perfect fare for baby and wedding showers and parties!

The best finger foods take a few quality ingredients and combine them into a memorable meal or snack. With Ile de France Cheeses, it's easy to make even the simplest combinations memorably flavorful. Here are two simple shower finger food ideas and five new recipes featuring the best of Ile de France Cheeses.

These finger-food recipes are perfect for baby showers and work as easy gourmet appetizers.

Blue cheese, fruit and honey
Setting up a fruit tray with cantaloupe, peaches, watermelon and pineapples can easily become a culinary delight. Add some honey and include a hearty portion of Ile de France Roquefort and sliced baguette. The Roquefort's luxurious texture can easily be spread on fruit and bread. Its pungent aroma and defining greenish blue veins hold a robust flavor profile that salty and satisfying – and a perfect complement to sweet fruits and honey.

Mini potatoes with Ile de France Brie Cheese with Herbs of Provence
Our new Brie with Herbs of Provence makes for especially interesting wedding and baby shower foods. Try cutting small baked red potatoes in half and scooping out some of the inside and replacing it with the Brie with Herbs. The smooth cheese will melt into the potato while the herbs add an exhilarating flavor. Our Brie features hints of mushroom and nutty flavors along with a smooth, creamy texture that's perfect food for baby shower gatherings.

Finger Food Recipes with Ile de France Cheeses

Sliced apples with Brie and Honey - A delightful blend of creamy, citrus and sweet flavors.

Camembert Tartlets with Onions and Apples – Our Normandie Camembert with the crisp tang of onions and citrus crunch of apples.

Peppercorn Crusted Filet Mignon with St. André – Tender bites of beef enhanced with the heavenly smoothness of St. André.

Spicy Greens with St. Agur on Polenta Crostini– The uniquely creamy and tangy blue cheese, isn't as salty as other blues - making it balance perfectly with the spices.

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written by Jean grim, August 08, 2015
Please send me your free cook book
Jean grim Po box 541 Pocola, Oklahoma 749o2
written by Delores Ballou, January 29, 2014
Bible study brunch
written by Kay Arrowood, September 20, 2013
I am looking for festive snacks for the holiday season, I work in Geriatrics so finger foods are the best, sweets are also a plus :)

thank U
written by Crystal, September 08, 2013
I need ideas for halloween masquerade birthday party for teens.. Birthday girls are 17 & 18... Junior & senior in hugh school...
written by Emilie, July 22, 2013
Hi tlsandeno, thanks for commenting!

Here are some recipes for desserts that would match the nautical theme of your party-

Chocolate Glazed St. Andre:

Spring Berry Fruit Bowl:

Cheese Stuffed Tomatoes:

This is a cute idea to try: Take a wheel of brie and cut a hole in the middle. Smear red jam of choice in four stripes equally spaced to make into a lifesaver!

Do let us know what you plan to serve and how it went!


written by tlsandeno, July 21, 2013
Need help with nautical themed retirement birthday party. all unique ideas welcome and thank you,
written by tlsandeno, July 21, 2013
Need easy recipes for nautical theme retirement/birthday party. All unique helps much appreciated.
written by DOROTHY, June 25, 2013

ice cream sandwiches made with graham crackers , ginger snaps, choc. chip, p-nut butter ,any favorite cookies !
written by madison, March 13, 2013
im trying to run a day care here like cookies really kids need good food.
written by Kinipela Greco, March 02, 2013
Cookie cutters are awesome! Most parties have too much junk food. If you're a concerned mother like me make pre-schoolers favorite food cute by using cookie cutters. I make shapes out of white and orange American cheese slices using cookie cutters. Sandwiches too are cute with cookie cutters. Most kids don't like the crust and they will gobble up Pb&J and turkey cut into shapes. They also LOVE grapes and strawberries. It doesn't have to be too fancy. Then they can have a "make your own sundae" dessert bar after they have eaten their healthy food! Good luck!
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