Chèvre aux

This tasty goat cheese, known in English as spiced Cabri, is made entirely by hand in Les Deux-Sevres, right next to the Atlantic Ocean. An aromatic blend of herbs from Provence coats the Chèvre aux epices (literally meaning Goat cheese with spices). The fresh goat cheese has a tangy bite and an inviting bouquet. An artisanal cheese, Chèvre aux epices is best enjoyed on rustic bread with a glass of smoky Chardonay, or red wine.


Chèvre aux epices is known for its fresh center, pure white color and delicate texture. The cheese is robed with a savory blend of spices that includes peppercorns, mustard, sweet pepper, onion, parsley and chili pepper. These spices not only give the cheese its unique flavor, but also its mouth-watering aroma. Made from pasteurized goat’s milk, the cheese is drained and ventilated. Its wonderful taste can be attributed to the fact that only the rich-tasting milk of grass-fed goats and all-natural and local ingredients are used. For a quick – and delicious – appetizer, spread Chèvre aux epices over toasted baguette slices, or fresh country bread. Pair it with one of the rather strong red wines from the Côte du Rhône, including Cote Rotie, Hermitage, or St-Joseph.

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written by barry robinson, March 19, 2012
Where do I get this cheese? Chèvre aux épices
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written by Susan Bickta, August 06, 2010
I will be serving this cheese tomorrow when our good friends come over for dinner. This will be a perfect start to our dinner, served on toasted slices of French Baguette....and a dry red wine! How perfect! Good friends, good wine and an excellent cheese!
written by Flora, July 23, 2009
It looks so flavorful! Im going to buy this today!
written by Patrick W., July 09, 2009
what a delight!

written by Albert, May 13, 2009
This look like a delicious treat

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