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Celebrate Wine & Cheese

Our picks for the best holiday wine pairings

It's time to stock up on holiday refreshments. What better way to toast and cheer than with wine? To make sure the revelry runs strong all the way through New Year's, you'll need some tasty treats to compliment your wines. Ile de France cheese is the perfect pairing.

Whether you're planning traditional holiday family fun or just want an exciting wine pairing to bring to the office party, we've got just the right wine and cheese pairing for your holiday plans.

- Rosé wines are fantastic with our fresh, all natural Ile de France Goat Cheese . The rosé's bright flavor matches the tang of goat's milk cheese, invigorating our farm fresh chèvre. Try a Castello Banfi Centine Rosé. St. André is a decadent triple-cream cheese and also a wonderful compliment to many rosé wines – especially those from France, like Mas Des Bressades Cuvée Tradition Rosé, A.C., Costières de Nîmes, from Rhône.

- For lovers of red wine, blue cheeses are the obvious match. Our creamy Roquefort and St. Agur are deeply flavored, salty cheeses worthy of a prime spot on any holiday appetizer tray. The creaminess and strong flavors benefit robust wines. So skip the weak wine coolers when savoring these fromages and wash them down with something that offers a vigorous palette experience. The pick: A 2007 Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon California Collection.

- Brie Cheese with white wine is so delicious it's truly an effortless pairing. A legendary soft cheese, our famously creamy Ile de France Brie is the perfect pair for white wines. We'll keep this recommendation simple: Any Sauvignon Blanc will offer a clean, crisp, flavor that will cut through the Brie's smooth texture. Sauvignon Blanc is a natural pairing for our tangy goat cheeses as well.

- Don't forget the Champagne! What would any celebration be without the bubbly? Champagne and sparkling wines taste great with cheese and Ile de France Camembert has just the right combination of creaminess and flavor to make the crisp carbonation of champagne pop. If authentic Champagne from France isn't available, don't worry: a simple Korbel Champagne Brut is an outstanding – and inexpensive – substitution.