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Celebrate Crêpes Month with Ile de France Cheese

Crêpe Day - la Chandeleur – is a French holiday celebrated with – you guessed it –crêpes! Though often associated with the Catholic holiday Candlemas, Chandeleur originates from pagan traditions. Some say it celebrates the return of sunny days, with crêpes symbolizing the sun. The holiday even includes a fun good luck ritual: flipping a crêpe while holding a coin signifies good financial fortune!

Crêpes are the star of countless French bistro menus and they can easily be the star or your home table, too. They're a snap to make, featuring a simple batter of flour and eggs. Crêpes can easily be rolled with herbs, spices – and of course, cheese!

Since Chandeleur is in February, we're celebrating our cheese crêpe recipes, including three video recipes filmed at fabulous French bistros in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. But first, get the basics down with these simple crêpe making tips.

Three steps to
Cheese Crêpe Perfection

Gather the batter

A basic crêpes batter can be made with two cups of all purpose flour, one cup of buckwheat flour, three eggs, one quart of whole milk, a bit of melted and salt and pepper to taste.

Mix it up

Blend until mostly smooth (a few lumps are okay) using a hand or electric mixer.

Hit the grill

Heat the pan slowly so the heat is distributed and the crêpes cook evenly. Don't worry about making them super thin – crêpes can be a bit thick and are easier to keep together when they're not super thin. Cook each side about 45 seconds.

Add the cheese!

When your crêpe is done, place some Ile de France Brie or Camembert Cheese inside. Fold it envelope style and place an extra slice of cheese on top. Then bake it at 350 degrees for about seven minutes. Switch the oven to broil near the end to create a fabulous caramelized Brie topping.

And voilà!

Cheese crêpe perfection! Serve with any juicy fruit for a perfect contrasting side dish.