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Brunch Month with Quiche au Fromage

Discover exciting new quiche recipes!

Whether indoors or at a backyard table, flavorful brunches are the perfect start to a weekend day. Serving brunch at home is a great way to enjoy the pleasant early fall weather with leisurely, fun and delicious foods.

While there are no rules for brunch menus, there are a few things to keep in mind. Cheerful foods with bright colors and bold flavors are the way to go - something hearty but not overwhelmingly filling.

Quiches are perfect. Easy to make and invigoratingly flavorful, they are a great way to savor gourmet cheeses, are vibrantly colored and can be made using virtually any ingredients. In short, quiches are the ideal brunch food!

Cheese quiches (that's quiche au fromage in French!) are a classic French dish that's savored all over the world. While famous quiche recipes often feature bacon along with a vegetable and one or two cheeses, there's plenty of ways to throw a culinary curveball with a quiche that contains unexpected ingredients.

So give your next weekend brunch gathering sense of adventure with these undiscovered quiche recipes!

Top 3 Undiscovered Quiche Recipes

Ile de France Goat cheese tuna
Tuna may be most associated with sandwiches but it's great with eggs and veggies too. Hearty enough to keep your guests full for hours of brunch fun, tuna may not be the most obvious quiche ingredients, but it's surely one of the most unique.

Cold cuts and Ile de France Brie Quiche
A little heartier than most brunch dishes, this will satisfy even the hungriest guests with a blast of meat flavor surrounded by a luscious layer of eggs and fromage.

Ile de France Roquefort Quiche
This Quiche packs the flavor of our Roquefort, a radiantly creamy cheese with a surprisingly versatile blue cheese flavor that's salty but smooth. It goes well with the egg mixture and creates a truly flavorful brunch.

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