Boursault® (pronounced Boor-soh) is a unique, soft ripened, triple -cream cheese, produced in the Loire Valley of France. Named in the 1950's after its inventor Henri Boursault, it is still one of the most popular triple-creams today, due to its ultra creamy texture, and rich flavors. Boursault is one of the most versatile cheeses: it can be used in any recipe calling for Brie or Camembert, and it is also and excellent dessert cheese; try pairing it with grapes or pears for a savory finale.

Light, fruity wines like Vouvray are a prefect choice to enjoy with Boursault, but sparkling white wines and champagnes are also excellent with it.



An off-white, cylindrical shaped cheese made from cow's milk, Boursault is renowned for its soft consistency, similar to that of a very thick sour cream. It is rich in fat content, (70 to 75 percent), hence the triple cream designation; but remember, fat equals flavor! The cheese has a slightly acidic citrus tang that nicely balances out the richness of the cream. Its thin, edible rind offers a very agreeable smell of mushrooms and a nutty finish.

The affinage of Boursault takes about two months, then it further matures in its packaging for up to a month. Boursault is offered for sale as cylinders with a light white/pinkish penicillin mould, similar to that of Camembert.


Born in Paris, in 1908, Henri Boursault's fondness for cheese began at an early age: at 14 he was already selling cheese in the fresh market. A passionate of cheese making and its traditions, he was eager to start his own business. The young Henri Boursault and his wife, Charlotte become cheese producers and sold cheese in the suburbs of Paris.
Following the war, Henri became ill and reflected on his business. It occurred to him that, during the war no fat was included in the manufacture of cheese. He realized that if he offered fatty cheeses with the consistency of butter, they would be extremely popular.
At first though, no one was interested in his idea, so he learned to make the cheese himself - in his bathtub. His first product was a double-Swiss cream, which he sold only to local markets. Then in 1953, he invented the soft-ripened, triple cream cheese: Boursault. Handcrafting of the cheese is a painstaking process, beginning with a mixture of milk, cream, rennet and lactic ferments. After 24 hours, the curdled preparation is very delicately deposited into a cast-iron container. Once the container is full, a heavy cover is placed over it, and the mixture is left to drain. The mixture is then returned to its own canvas where it is seasoned with salt mixed with penicillin so that it can "flower." The cheeses stay in the cellar for several weeks, and then are packed in wooden crates. Each crate contains an envelope of ten leaves of sulfurized paper for the cheese merchants, who will then repackage the cheese.
Over the years, Henri's business grew successfully, and today Boursault is distributed throughout France and abroad. Adding to this achievement, are the remarkable efforts of Chef Barthelemy at the Boursault New Creations Center. His dedicated work to develop unique, and exciting new recipes with Boursault brings new renown to this gourmet cheese. Try some of our featured recipes created by Chef Barthelemy and discover this cheese that's worth every bite!


Roland Barthelemy has been creating award-winning Boursault recipes for years. Not only a reputable cheese specialist and cheese maker in France, he also runs his own "fromagerie" in Paris. This tiny shop in the quartier St-Germain is an altar of cheese, with many of his own creations among its over 200 varieties. Not surprisingly, the fromagerie Barthelemy has been the Elysee Palace's presidential supplier since 1973. Barthelemy is also the co-author of the internationally published Guide the Cheeses of the World: 1200 Cheeses of the World - an essential guide to selecting, tasting, and serving cheese. He is also the President of the Commission of the Best Cheese Makers of France, and also President of the "Guilde des Fromagers de St Uguzon".

Barthelemy's goals are best expressed in his own words: "Having always been passionate about cheese, it was my parents, cheese sellers by profession, ho introduced me to the joys of this fascinating profession. As a small child, I was already pacing up and down Paris' central market by the side of my father, becoming intoxicated by the strong smells coming from the four corners of France. The pleasures of fine cheeses therefore never left me, and I have dedicated my life to introducing them to every gourmand who has crossed my path!"

We hope you'll enjoy the new Boursault recipes, and when in Paris, don't forget to stop by 51, rue de Grenelle, to visit the fromagerie Barthelemy, a true cheese lover's heaven.

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written by Ken Salter, December 16, 2016
Boursault is by far the best tasting cheese on the planet, yet you can't buy it anywhere in North America. Many other imported French cheeses are available but not Boursault. If every grocery store, delicatessen, lunch counter, and convenience store in North America stocked this cheese regularly, they would sell out immediately. I challenge anybody to import this cheese and make it available on this side of the ocean.
written by Lynn, July 13, 2016
Absolutely delicious! I bought it at the wine store in Tokyo, Japan. Trying to buy more, but it seems hard to find. Is there other stores I can buy in Japan?
written by Frederick Johnson, June 21, 2015
So, how do I buy it?
written by Marie-Claude Leischner, April 15, 2012
I am from France and Boursault is my favourite cheese. Years ago, after visiting my parents in Toulouse, I'd carefully wrap several packages and brought them back to Canada. Not anymore re: Customs! Is there a place in Winnipeg, Manitoba where I could find this wonderful cheese?
Merci beaucoup!
written by Masoliver Usandizaga José Luis, February 17, 2012
Muy Sres mios :
Existe una Delegación en España o un canal de distribución ?
Agradecido de antemano les saluda :
J.L. Masoliver

written by rosella, March 15, 2011
written by CJL, September 20, 2010
Boursault is my all time favorite cheese but have not seen it in Southern California for some time. Anyone know where I can find it in Southern California?
written by Kelly Fisher, September 11, 2010
I love this cheese
written by Gene, July 27, 2010
And me to. Where can I buy Boursault in Houston.
written by dick, July 20, 2010
It has been several years since i have seen Boursault in fine cheese stores in California. I have a summer soup recipe that begs for Boursault. In food processor process flesh from Honeydew melon and or Crenshaw mellon til soupy, add grated fresh ginger juice to give it some sharpness, bring to a simmer for a minute or two, serve hot, when serving add a dollop or two of Boursault (it melts in the warm soup) and swirl it into a pattern in the soup bowl. The Boursault adds a fine complexity to the soup. It always seems to be the perfect ripeness, like whipped butter. I've tried to substitute a ripe Brillat Savarin but a bit too strong for the recipe, St. Andre too neutral. The soup can be made in advance and then reheated before serving. Great with a German Riesling Spatlese.
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