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Blue Cheese Dips Make Gourmet Wings

Hosting a party? There's nothing better to serve than chicken wings. The fun, bite-size snacks are delicious on their own and offer the perfect palette for flavorful sauces.

And when it comes to spicy wings, there's only one type of sauce that will do: Blue cheese dip. Practically a requirement whenever for hot chicken wings are served, blue cheese adds an intense flavor that meshes perfectly with the zesty flavor and mild texture of wings.

Our St. Agur blue cheese has the perfect blue cheese flavor for wings. Its unmistakable blue cheese flare isn't too intense and won't overpower the chicken and distract from the wings. Use it to make sauces for milder wings or even chicken strips. It will add a subtle, smooth, and complementary flavor.

Our Roquefort PDO French blue cheese offers a bolder, more robust flavor. Made from grass-fed sheep, our Roquefort packs bold flavors and extraordinary creaminess. Use it to make dips for spicier wings, especially Buffalo style. It has the right texture to mesh with even the spiciest recipes!

Try these simple yet gourmet dips and get ready to take your wings to a whole new level of flavor!

St. Agur Cheese Yogurt Dip
Greek yogurt has a thick texture and mellow flavor that makes it the ideal base for a simple blue cheese dip.

- Combine shallots and garlic, to taste, with:
- About 1 cup of Greek Yogurt
- ½ cup of mayo
- ½ cup of Ile de France Roquefort

Use a dash of hot sauce, black pepper and fresh chives to top it off.

Ile de France Roquefort Buffalo Blue Cheese Dip
You will find Buffalo blue cheese dip at any sports bar, but few can match the flavor of this one. Perfect for chicken wings, it's great with vegetables, too.

- Crumble 1/3 cup of St. Agur into a mixing bowl.
- Add a cup of sour cream along with chives and onions to taste.

Finish it with your favorite hot sauce, buffalo sauce or seasoning, to taste.

Short for time? Our Crème de St. Agur works as a dip on it's own! It features a creamy texture and is ready to go as a dip without any preparation, making it perfect for casual parties.

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