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Bite-sized appetizers, outsized flavor

Need another suggestion for bite-sized apps perfect for summer fun? Check out this month's spotlight on cheese stuffed tomatoes for delightfully flavorful appetizers that are as colorful and easy-to-eat as they are delicious and simple to prepare. Appetizer spoons are also a fantastic way to serve bite-sized gourmet flare.

It doesn't take a serving utensil to dish out big time flavors!

With our impressive collection of delicious cheese finger food and mini appetizer recipes, you're sure to find something for any occasion and palette!

Try these zesty single serve cheese appetizers and bring on the flavor. Choose a few different fromages and recipes to maximize the flavor, variety and fun.

Ile de France Brie Cheese - Brie cheese is an excellent fromage to use in appetizers. With a smooth and creamy profile, Brie features complex flavors that aren't too strong, making it perfect to serve in a wide variety of ways.

For something simple, try serving individual slices of brie cheese on flat bread crackers with dried fig or apricot preserves. Top with sliced or crumbled almonds. For more details on this combination, check out our Figg-topped Ile de France Brie recipe. Our sliced apple and Ile de France Brie recipe is an eye-popping and delicious choice as well.

For something a bit more complex that features brie cheese, try our recipe for Brie quesadillas.

Ile de France Goat Cheese - Goat cheese has a fresh and salty flavor that provides a great kick-start of flavor to any dinner party of casual gathering. Our endive spears stuffed with herb goat cheese is a simple and delicious recipe that can be artfully arranged on a serving platter to provide festive and flavorful party fare.

Another classic small sized appetizer featuring goat cheese is our deviled eggs with goat cheese, scallions and dill recipe, which is fantastic for a breakfast or brunch gatherings.

Bleu Cheeses – It's the perfect time of year to show off blue cheeses' surprising versatility. With a salty, full flavor, many blue cheeses pair excellently with zesty citrus fruits like berries. Our St. Agur-stuffed strawberries recipe is a perfect example of this truly flavorful combination.