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Bagels with Ile de France Cheese

Make the ultimate bagel breakfast with Ile de France Cheeses

Whether you like your bagels grilled, toasted or plain there's a perfect cheese to top it off. Try these bagel and cheese combinations - which feature varied flavors and healthy ingredients - for a tasty start to the day! Use whole wheat, onion, garlic or plain bagels for the best flavor combinations.

Grilled bagels with Brie Cheese and Tomatoes
Bagels with cream cheese may be the staple, but a grilled bagel with creamy French cheese is a true gourmet delight! Spread the outsides of a sliced bagel with butter, then place the buttered side on a frying pan. As the bagel gets hot add soft, creamy Ile de France Brie (be sure to let the Brie sit at room temperature so it softens enough to melt easily). Once the cheese is melted add a few slices of fresh tomatoes. Red onions and smoked salmon can also be included.

Goat Cheese, Apple and Honey Bagel Sandwich
This combination features a zesty crunch, fresh, salty goat cheese and the comforting sweetness of honey. Allow some Ile de France Goat Cheese warm to room temperature, which will allow it to easily spread across a warm bagel. Top the cheese with crisp, tart apples slices, then douse the whole thing with a dark, strong honey. The combination of sweet, salty, citrus and hearty bagel dough is perfect for any morning.

Blueberries, Roquefort and Walnuts
The zesty blueberry flavor adds great balance to the Roquefort's rich and creamy saltiness. Even just a little bit of the blue cheese is enough to make the combination come alive. The nuts give added crunch and texture and the blue berries make this combination a healthy and flavorful option.