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Backyard BBQ stocked with bubbly beer
July 2009

Summer is officially here, and what better way to celebrate these lazy, hazy days than with a backyard BBQ stocked with cold and bubbly beer?

At Ile de France, we want you to enjoy everything this season has to offer – the friends, the food and, of course, the frosty drinks. To get you started, here are six beers – imported and domestic, representing a mix of mainstream and niche tastes

Kona Brewing Co. Longboard Island Lager

If ever there were a beer that imbues sun, sand and surf, it’s this mild lager from the Kona Brewing Company. Beer aficianados will appreciate its delicate, slightly spicy hop aroma, while choosier drinkers may find solace in its exceptionally smooth flavor. Try Longboard Island Lager with our French Chicken & Brie Picnic Sandwich . Both of which are best served oceanfront.

Goose Island India Pale Ale

Talk about hopped up! This IPA derives its distinct flavor from a time when ales shipped from England to India were highly hopped to preserve their properties during the long journey. Today, Goose Island India Pale Ale is still a hop-lover’s dream with its fruity aroma, dry malt middle, and long, satisfying finish. Crack open a bottle to complement our Moroccan Lamb Burger with Herbed Brie .

Samuel Adams Summer Ale

As a wheat beer, Samuel Adams Summer Ale serves as a blank canvas for the sweet and spicy flavors popular with warm-weather brews. Featuring lemon zest and something called “grains of paradise,” described as a peppery African spice, this enjoyable ale retains a nice malty character that goes great with our Double Brie Burger .

Victory “Prima Pils”

Long, slow brewing at cold temperatures creates Prima Pils’ crisp, refreshing flavor ideal for sucking the sizzle out of a hot summer day. Richer than the classic German pilsner, this American version has a biscuity malt core and heaping helpings of noble whole-leaf hops that add an herbal scent and quenching bitterness. A true victory, despite its namesake, Prima Pils will please both ale and lager loves alike.

Cantillon “Rose de Gambrinus”

Think all fruit beers have to taste sticky sweet? Think again. Belgians prefer their lambics as dry and tart as fine wine. Case in point, Cantillon’s Rose de Gambrinus, with its pinkish, tawny color and the vivid scent of wild raspberries. Even then, don’t that unassuming façade fool you. The first sip is mouth-shockingly sour and dry, with the zing and zip of Rose Champagne. Tailor-made for rich and salty foods, reach for this raspberry lambic as you wash down our fiery Jalapeño Chili Burger with Fol Epi .

Paulaner “Hefe-Weizen”

Have a hankering for baked goods and tropical fruit? Paulaner Hefe-Weizen may hit that spot with its distinctive cloudy haze and unmistakable notes of yeast, bananas and cloves. Briskly carbonated and lacking palpable hop bitterness, this Bavarian-style beer has been described as one of the world’s best for “tempting wine and cocktail lovers to take a walk on the malt side.”

Whatever your preferred summer drinks are, remember to match kindred flavors. A big, juicy burger deserves a bitter, hoppy beer, while pale ale is more appropriate for lighter fare. Look for balance, and don’t let one overpower the other. In other words, use common sense – thick beer, thick meal; light beer, light meal. Santé!