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Asian & French Cooking: Fusion Fun!

Trying new things can be fun and exciting! Adding creamy French Cheese to existing Asian recipes is a great way to spice up the ordinary. Try our Spring rolls with Ile de France Roquefort cheese for a bold, flavorful experience.

The resulting flavors won't be your average summer cookout – and that's perfect for the dog days of summer. Asian inspired recipes featuring our authentic French Brie, Camembert, Goat Cheese and Roquefort are sure to delight! With Asian-style favorites like spring rolls, stir-fry dishes and wontons, it's easy to savor the creamy, fresh flavors of our cheeses along with the zestiness of Asian ingredients. Together, both taste even better!

Spring rolls with Ile de France Roquefort
Easy to make and full of flavor, these spring rolls pack the creamy, robust punch of our authentic Roquefort French blue cheese. Full-flavored Roquefort melts into the chicken breast, carrots and tofu to make a one-of-a-kind dish that's fun to eat and perfect for parties.

Shrimp Spring Rolls with Ile de France Goat Cheese
Green vegetables and our fresh, tangy goat cheese is always a delicious combination, but it's incredibly tasty when shrimp, carrots and soy sauce are included. A dash of mint adds an invigorating touch.

Chicken Spring Rolls with Ile de France Brie
Our creamy Brie cheese is delicious with chicken, adding a luxurious texture that plays well off the flavor. Fresh vegetables like carrots and zucchinis add more tastes to the mix.

Vegetable Stir Fry with Ile de France Camembert
Carrots, peas, squash, peppers and more enliven with fresh flavor when our traditional Normandie Camembert Cheese is in the mix. This stir fry features a great mix of smooth and stimulating flavors.

Wontons with Ile de France Brie & Goat Cheese
Simple, scrumptious and fast, these Brie and Goat Cheese wonton recipes make fantastic appetizers or snacks. When a crisp crunch is added to our fresh, creamy fromage, it makes for a memorable fusion of classic French and Asian sensations. Our new Shrimp and Cheese Wontons and Chicken Wontons with Chavrie Goat Cheese recipe is a perfect example.

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