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Appetizer recipes and ideas

Check out our quick and easy appetizer recipes - whether you are looking to make cocktail party appetizers or an elegant cheese mini pizza to serve before a diner party, our French cheese appetizers are sure to include something appealing to you and your guests.

All the most popular French cheeses can be used for delicious, simple appetizers. Our simple dinner party tips and gourmet hors d'oeuvre recipes can be found in our recipes archives.

Chaumes Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

This classic dish really get invigorated with the addition of gourmet Chaumes cheese. Serve this dish anytime you want an easy way to offer guests a velvet-textured, aesthetically pleasing classic dish that offers a smooth natural flavor.
To make ahead: Simply stuff mushrooms and store covered in the refrigerator. Increase bake time to 30 minutes.

Chèvre Mini Boules

The classic "cheese ball" appetizer is elevated to visual and flavorful new heights with the switch to soft, fresh tasting goat cheese and zesty spring herbs. Gourmet cheeseballs are easy to prepare, and look great when presented on serving trays of buffet tables.
Our mini cheese ball appetizer can be served alongside your favorite crackers or bread and can even be paired with vegetables.

Chaumes Pomodoro Mini-Pizzas on Puff Pastry

These fresh tomato pizzas are perfect summer buffet fare; they make use of luscious seasonal tomatoes, and incorporate surprising new ingredients, like the puff pastry crust and the flavorful Chaumes.
Mini pizzas a great for appetizers at small informal gatherings or to serve before larger dinner parties. A mini pizza with French cheese will provide great flavor for your guests from the minute they arrive.

Refreshing Pié d'Angloys wrap

Try this simple mini cheese wrap recipe for an easy and elegant - not to mention delicious - plate presentation at your next party.
A great blend of veggies and gourmet cheese flavoring, these mini wraps are a crisp, invigorating way to start your next gathering. Even better - this great appetizer recipe takes just 15 minutes to prepare.