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All About Greens

Ile de France Cheeses are awesomely flavorful with green vegetables. Adding just a dash of crumbled French cheese brings great flavor to greens, whether you're preparing a green bean side dish or simply snacking on a cucumber and a dash of fromage.

But when it comes to greens and cheese, it's all about the salads. There are plenty of easy and delicious combinations to cheese from!

Try crumbled Goat Cheese with spinach, red onions, pecans, dried cranberries and any citrus-based dressing. Or jazz up a basic romaine salad with toasted pecans, cranberries, and crumbled blue cheese.

Our salad recipes include the classic French Green Bean and Shallot Salad with Roquefort Cheese. This authentic French salad is delicious and satisfying enough to be a main side dish or a light meal. The salty blue cheese mixed with the thin French cut beans creates a great medley of flavors and textures.

The Green-on-greens salad with Emmental Cheese benefits from the fromage's nutty flavor notes. It pairs well with the lettuce and cucumber, but really shines with the avocado and grapes.

For more fabulous salad ideas featuring the best gourmet cheeses, visit the Salad Saturdays section of our Cheese Lover's Blog, where top food bloggers weight in on their favorite green delights.