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A classic: bread and cheese

Man does not live by bread alone... of course, there must be cheese!

Raisin bread, nut bread, sunflower seed loaf, sourdough bread or French baguette, bread with herbs or olives any kind of bread goes well with cheese, as long as its taste does not overwhelm that of the cheese.

Select bread not only according to taste, but to texture as well. Thick-crusted and densely crumbed rustic breads work well with both hard and soft cheeses. A crisp, salted cracker with a soft cheese like Brie provides an interesting contrast in texture. Brie also goes well with pain de campagne, "country bread," which is a large round loaf similar to sourdough.

Nut bread is the perfect complement to a double-cream cheese such as a Boursault, rye is a good choice for pressed cheeses, and dark rye goes well with goat cheeses.

Ile de France goat cheese is best served with a somewhat sweet bread, such as gingerbread, or a toasted bread like brioche. Brioche, a type of French bread - with its rich, sweet flavor and flaky texture - is more like a pastry than a bread. And if you're enjoying your goat cheese in a salad, walnut bread is the way to go. Not a fan of sweet breads? A fresh baguette is always a prefect choice- simple, yet savory and smooth.

Whichever bread you choose, make sure it's fresh. You might want to heat the bread as well, so the cheese melts a bit, which magnifies its taste.