Yum Yum Pasta by Frances

Yum Yum Pasta goat cheese

Make low carb using Dreamfields pasta or use your preference…

Linguine works better than spaghetti, penne is great and shells work fine whatever you have !

1.bacon drippings ½ to 1lb of bacon – Applewood has a great flavor!
(you can cook/bake around 350 the bacon in the oven in a Pyrex dish, nonstick baking pan, or cast iron pan ->turn once) – people used to be skeptical of this, but it works way better than frying & Nana used to do it all the time !)

2. Large onion or as much as you want
(Dice onion and put in drippings in oven and cook until caramelized)

3. Add to taste approx. 4 to 6 chicken bullion cubes and stir in – (maybe more !)

4. Add either diced fresh or canned tomatoes and roast until desired

5. Stir in roasted garlic and cook a little more

6. Cut and trim 1 wedge of Ile De France Brie into cubes for final touch place on top of sauce in pan and melt gently
Gently toss with desired al dente pasta and ENJOY !!! ;o)Feel free to garnish the dish with crumbled bacon, fresh cut chopped basil, and grated parmesan !

You can also make this recipe on the stovetop, but roasting works just as well. I like to stir in some fresh roasted garlic. I also use green pepper or canned tomatoes with chilies. Any veggies you want to add works good I’ve used mushrooms, carrots, and squash before. Get creative with this it seems to work as long as you follow the general idea. What works so wonderfully is that if you have a bunch of fresh tomatoes in the summer that are going to go bad you can use them in this recipe! For additional seasoning I use the usual course ground black pepper, garlic powder & or garlic salt, kosher salt (watch salt because of bullion!), chili powder, maybe some Texas Pete, and ground red pepper.

To roast garlic take whole bulb (don’t peel or separate) rub in olive oil and put in dish or garlic roaster and bake at about 300 –350 until soft. If you cook too much squeeze it out and if just right peel the cloves and it should fall right out of husks. Mash and use in recipe and/or mix with butter and Parmesan cheese and spread on French bread and bake for fantastic garlic bread.

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