Video Recipe: Pocket of Brie Flambé

Today we are happy to present you a delicious French bistro recipe that’s simple to make at home. So if you are ready to impress all your guests with an amazingly decadent dish check out our Pocket of Brie Flambé video recipe.

The only ingredients you need are :

Brie, bacon lean, apple ,oregano, thyme and  just about one soup spoon  of original maple syrup .

First, get your oven prepared by warming it up to 400°F .

Meanwhile, top the Brie with chopped apple, a pinch of oregano, and thyme then wrap the cheese in bacon.  Don’t forget to add just a little bit of maple syrup using a zigzag pattern:

Put the “Pocket” in a plate and bake it at 400°F for 10 minutes – then your fantastically delicious Pocket of Brie Flambé is ready to savor!

Serve it with French Baguette for even more delightful dish!
Bon appétit!

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