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World Records of Cheese

Thursday, April 7th, 2011


Most bottles opened simultaneously, largest Pokemon Collection, most envelopes torn in half in thirty seconds, largest gathering of people dressed as gorillas – it seems like there is a World Record for everything.

The best global performance ever recorded in a specific skill sets up a World Record regardless of the uselessness of the skill. The range Guinness World Records is enormous and so it is not surprising that there are some cheesy records.

Check out the largest, smallest, longest and fastest cheese performances…

Largest Fondue Set

Largest Potato Gratin

Largest Cheeseburger

Smallest Cheeseburger

Fastest Grilled Cheese Eating

Largest Cheese Sculpture

Largest Goat Cheese

Largest Mac & Cheese

Most Expensive Cheese Sandwich

Largest Cheesecake

Well, there is no official World Record held by Ile De France… because there is just no category for “most delicious gourmet cheese” ☺