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Wine Pairing Wednesday!

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013








This week’s cheese pairing recommendation is from wok star and fellow cheese lover, Eleanor Hoh (@wokstar):

“As a wok cooking teacher and Wok Star , I’m always finding new foods to cook in my wok! My husband and I like to experiment with new ways to make omelets interesting and there’s nothing better than adding cheese. Cheese gives omelets another flavor dimension and oompf! Two of our favorites are soft or hard goat cheese and ones that melt like Emmental. This is probably sacrilegious to the French but we slather chili sauce all over our cheese omelets, yum. We like to pair Asian foods with Champagne, Francois Montand sparkling wine because it’s light and not too sweet. When I serve this pairing in my Wok Workshops, people always enjoy it. I also like Vouvray wine, again not too sweet to overwhelm my dishes.”

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Cheese and Red Wine, Together Again

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

According to Eric Asimov’s recent column “Cheese and Red Wine, Together Again” in many red wines can successfully be paired with a variety of gourmet cheeses. While many people like to focus on white wine pairings, there’s plenty of fantastic red wine options, too:

“While it may be true that white wine is more versatile with cheese than red, it’s a question of experience and instinct, rather than absolutes. The most important message is not to let fear be your guide, – continues Eric. The point is not to obsess over the specifics of food and wine pairings or, but to feel free to explore different matches. Seeking perfection is daunting and more often than not will disappoint. Looking for the good rather than the perfect allows more flexibility and fewer inhibitions, and opens one up to the quality of versatility. Exploration is the best way to develop one’s own instinct about which food and wine pairings work better than others. And instinct is the best guide of all.”

In general, reds match best with hard cheeses. The more pungent the cheese, the sweeter the wine should be. Try to find your perfect reds and cheese match and here’re some delightful pairing suggestions to start with:

Red, Robust and Delicious

Cheese with sweet wine

What to serve with Brie?


Cheese Around the Web

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012


Join us each week for a look at the latest cheese news from across the web!

This week: NYC’s 5 Best Wine And Cheese Bars; Cheesesteak Melt and Mac & Cheese from Gorilla Cheese NYC; Tailgate Recipe: Beer Cheese Dip; Dressed-up Pimiento Cheese, Pickled Onions and Potato Salad.

NYC’s 5 Best Wine And Cheese Bars via – Milk and cookies, coffee and doughnuts, beer and pretzels–some things just seem to be made for each other. Here are the best bars in NYC to pair wine and cheese.

Today’s Lunch: Cheesesteak Melt and Mac & Cheese from Gorilla Cheese NYC via – Great cheese menu for your fast and deliscious lunch in NYC.

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Dressed-up Pimiento Cheese, Pickled Onions and Potato Salad via – Here’s how to give supermarket versions of traditional cookout side dishes a homemade flavor.