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Pairing Chocolate with Ile de France Cheese

Monday, March 11th, 2013












Boasting a rich and succulent consistency, chocolate generally makes for a favorable treat enjoyed by many around the world. As a delectable aliment, chocolate is quite satisfying on its own, but if there is another food that can complement it by enhancing the overall flavor and creaminess, it is definitely cheese. Not just any cheese, but gourmet cheese.

Though everyone’s palate is unique, we suggest starting your chocolate and cheese pairing adventure by trying a mild and rich cheese likeIle de France Brie with a creamy milk chocolate while contrasting the bittersweet dark chocolate with a robustly tangy fromage like Ile de France Roquefort.

If you’ve never had a recipe that paired the two foods together, try making our Chocolate-glazed St. André or our White Chocolate Cheesecake!

St André, Red Grapes & Cashews Salad with Balsamic Vinegar Video Recipe

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Want to impress your guests with a simple yet amazingly delicious gourmet dish? Try this fantastic St André, Red Grapes and Cashews Salad with Balsamic Vinegar video recipe from Chef Raymond at Sandrine’s in Harvard Square!

The ingredients you need are: St. André cheese, seedless red grapes, fresh tarragon, baguette, balsamic vinegar, Port wine vinaigrette, cashews.

Start out by making a Port Wine Vinaigrette! Blend red wine vinegar, port wine, Dijon mustard and garlic all together in a blender until smooth.  Then add the vegetable and olive oil and mix well until smooth again.  Add salt and pepper to taste.

The next step is making the salad itself. Start out by slicing the red grapes and putting in a bowl with chopped tarragon. Add roasted chopped cashews and mix in the Port wine vinaigrette.

Put slices of St. André on the toasted baguette slices, and add some grape salad on the plate – do it right before serving.  For decoration use tarragon, and drizzle some extra Port wine vinaigrette and some vinegar around the plate.

Click on any picture to watch the video!

Bon appétit!

Happy National Cheese Day!

Monday, June 4th, 2012

Today is National Cheese Day! The perfect day to eat, cook with or discuss your favorite cheeses! To celebrate National Cheese Day the right way check out some of our best recipes featuring different fromages!

–       Provencal vegetable grill with toasted Goat cheese nut rounds

–       Brie and Cherry Kolaches        

–       Batter-Coated Camembert Cheese Loaves

–       Glazed Fruited Winter Squash with St. Andre Cheese

–       Ile de France Roquefort and Apples Lasagna         

–       Oranges with Balsamic Caramel and St Agur

What cheese are YOU having today?