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Have a Happy and Yummy New Year’s Cheese Lovers!

Friday, December 30th, 2011


New Year is almost here! Happy holiday cheese lovers!

Appetizers, finger foods, and delicious dips are great for parties, family gatherings and festive dinners. Here are our top three appetizers and finger foods recipes to enjoy at your New Year’s Eve party!

1. Brie Crostini topped with Caramelized Onions – Sweet caramelized onions and buttery-rich Brie combine to create the perfect flavor. Make these just before guests arrive, and start your party off on a delicious note.

2. Pancetta Cups with Goat Cheese– The salty crunch of the pancetta blends with the creamy goat cheese and the light greens to form a fabulous first course.

3. Fig-Topped Brie – It’s got the crunchy texture of almonds, the rich taste of brie, and the sweetness of preserves.

Add these unbelievably simple and incredibly delicious recipes to your festive menu and enjoy a gourmet New Year’s Eve dinner!

Happy New Year!

Cheese Around the Web

Friday, December 30th, 2011


Join us each week for a look at the latest cheese news from across the web!

This week: New Year’s Cheese Fondue, Party Dips and Appetizers for New Year’s Eve, Say “cheese” with style with New Year’s tray, Fabulous finger foods for New Year’s Eve parties.

New Year’s Cheese Fondue by Sally Rosenthal via – A great Cheese Fondue recipe for your festive New Year dinner (check out more delicious fondue recipes here).

Party Dips and Appetizers for New Year’s Eve by Lee Elkins via – Easy to cook and easy to eat with one hand appetizers – always perfect for the festive party!

Say “cheese” with style with New Year’s tray by Kate Lawson via – All secrets of your perfect cheese platter: from mixing and matching to garnishes and serving.

Fabulous finger foods for New Year’s Eve parties by Andrew Z. Galarneau via – Try these delightfully delicious finger foods for your New Year’s Eve party. (Check out our finger foods recipes for adding even more flavors to your festive dinner).

Bon appétit! And Happy New Year!