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The Art of Tasting Cheese

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

A real expert in tasting cheeses, Laura Werlin – author of The New American Cheese – shares tips that help us take the mystery out of a trip to the local cheese shop:

“There’s no substitute for putting it in your mouth, ┬áLaura Werlin says. A simple glance at a cheese won’t help. You must taste it. Don’t be afraid to ask retailers for a sample. They’re usually ecstatic when a customer wants to learn more. But if you’re stymied about what to do with the cheese once it’s in your hands, here are a few hints:

– First, tell the retailer what style of cheese you like. Then ask for one or two recommendations.

– Try several cheeses in the same category. Don’t try a blue cheese and then a fresh goat cheese. Instead go from mild to strong, soft to hard, within the same category of cheeses..”.

For more tips from the amazing Laura Werlin go to her fabFood page or to Laura’s personal blog.