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March is National Sauce Month

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Are you one of those people who puts a sauce on everything you eat? Then this is the month for you – March is National Sauce Month!

Sauces are mainly used for additional flavor or to enhance texture. Meat, potatoes, noodles, vegetables – everything is more delicious with the right sauce. You even can simply serve some of your favorite sauces with crusty bread and savor it – that’s the most traditional way to enjoy cheese sauces!

What is you favorite sauce? Sweet or spicy, picante or gentle, tomato or cheesy… It’s so easy to be lost in the huge variety of different sauce flavors and recipes.

To help you celebrate National Sauce Month we are happy to share with you a very  delicious, full-flavored Roquefort Porcini Sauce recipe! This gourmet sauce easily could be served with the main dish at your National Sauce Month dinner party!

Bon appétit!