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What do you have for lunchentach? For what?

Thursday, April 14th, 2011


That’s what people used to say in 1580. Nowadays it is commonly abbreviated to lunch!

If you need a new idea for lunchentach – here’s the perfect spring solution!

Even if you are not the most gifted cook, “Ham, Brie and Pear Panini” is so easy to prepare that you will feel like a first rate chef.

The “Ham, Brie and Pear Panini” will be ready in just a few minutes and can easily be taken on the go – and since it’s spring-time, why not enjoy your sandwich on the balcony, in the garden or in the park!

Our recipe features with multi-grain bread, but you can use your favorite bread as well. If it’s crunchy baguette, ciabatta, sour dough, pre-sliced rye, white or pumpernickel – it doesn’t matter – it’s delicious any way you make it!

Make this unforgettable sandwich for lunch. Check out the recipe!

Lunch Time!

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Nothing says lunch like sandwiches and soup.

But be careful – These basic dishes are just as likely to be boring and bland as they are delicious. With a little tasty cheese, however, there won’t be any risk of blandness.

Here’s one example of a delicious sandwich and soup combo that features just enough gourmet flare to make lunch savory without making it too complicated to enjoy on the average Tuesday.

Ham, brie and pear panini


Chunky black bean soup with goat cheese