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IDF Ghost Hunt Answer to Clue #5 and Bonus Clue

Monday, November 4th, 2013

IDF - Ghost Hunt


Thanks for ghost hunting with us on our IDF Ghost Hunt, where we hid a “Gourmet Ghost” on one page of our website, and everyday, we’d release a new clue on where the Gourmet Ghost was on that day!

The answer to Thursday’s clue: “Saintly & soft, this cheese is heavenly with chocolate.” was the St. Andre cheese page  get it? “Saintly”!

The answer to Friday’s final bonus clue: “Have your cheese & eat it too this weekend!” was Gourmet Cheesecake Recipes  get it? “Have your [cheese] cake and eat it too”!

Thanks again for Ghost Hunting with us! The fun doesn’t stop there, we’ve got another giveaway going on right now: The Holi-Daily Draw ending on Nov. 6th! Enter daily to win Ile de France cheese!

IDF Holi Daily Draw Free Cheese Giveaway



Good luck! 🙂




Holi-Daily Draw: Seasonal Fromage

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011


Great news cheese lovers! Yesterday we started up our new Holi-Daily Draw: Seasonal Fromage. It’s an absolutely new way to win free cheese for the winter holidays!

We are picking one winner each day until December 13th! All you need to do is simply enter the contest each day for a new chance to win free delicious cheese!

Celebrate the holidays with gourmet delights!

Enter here!

Good luck!