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Cheese Loving Festivals

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Explore the world of cheese at these five cheese -filled festivals! Every year there are hundreds of different cheese events throughout the country – here’s five every cheese lover would enjoy. Click on the festivals’ names to visit the official sites.

The Great Wisconsin Cheese Festival

The Great Wisconsin Cheese Festival is held on the first weekend of every June on the eastern side of Wisconsin and kicks off “Dairy Month” in the state every year.


Seattle Cheese Festival

The Seattle Cheese Festival is an artisanal cheese festival that draws many local cheese makers in addition to well-known world-renowned cheeses.

California Artisan Cheese Festival

California’s Artisan Cheese Festival is a nonprofit organization with a mission to celebrate and enjoy the creations of artisan cheese makers every year.

Monroe Cheese Festival

This city, in Orange County New York, has been well-known for its cheeses since the 18oos. Each year a huge festival is held to honor this history and to share the love of cheese.

The American Cheese Society’s Festival of Cheeses

The American Cheese Society hosts an annual conference/world-renowned judging competition every year, which culminates into the Festival of Cheese.