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Cheese And Teeth

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Cheese is not only good for the taste buds, it’s also good for dental health – especially childrens, according to dentists like Tiny Tooth in Las Vegas.

“Every parent worries about what their kids eat. What’s good for them? What tastes good, but will create problems for their teeth and overall health? How much is too much? Especially when you hear on the news nearly every day that what was good for you yesterday is bad for you today, how can you be sure you’re giving your child the best and most healthy snack possible? It’s enough to drive anyone just a little crazy, trying to be sure you’re giving your kids the right things!

The good news is, cheese is one snack you can feel good about giving your kids! Most kids love cheese, and it’s one of the healthiest snacks you can give your kids. Your children’s dentist Las Vegas parents trust can tell you that cheese is an excellent snack for kids’ teeth. Not only does cheese contain lots of calcium for healthy teeth and bones, but cheese is also great for preventing cavities!” Read more...

So the conclusion is eating cheese coats the teeth with calcium that helps protect them against caries, or cavities. Eating just one cube of cheese can increase plaque-calcium concentration by up to 112%, helping to harden teeth and discourage softening which leads to cavities. It appears that cheese – whether cooked or uncooked – also prevents demineralization and, at the same time, encourages remineralization of teeth.

Eat cheese and be healthy!

By the way cheese is good not only for our teeth, it has a lot of other health benefits:

Calcium and other benefits!

Vitamins in cheese!


Brie Tuna Wantons

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Here’s Jane’s delicious-looking recipe for brie tuna wantons – perfect for parties!
Check out more of Jane’s recipes at her blog Little Corner of Mine!


This recipe came about when I decided to create a recipe for brie. Usually brie is best to serve it with crackers or even toasted English muffin or bagel but I wanted to think outside of the box. I wanted it a be a healthier combination and also delicious. So, I created this appetizer or finger food for party or any occasion.

My idea came from cheese wanton but totally different in a sense that I used canned tuna and a slice of brie and some seasoning. I wrapped it differently too. After I done deep-frying, it was the taste test time. I gathered my girls and asked them to try it. We all loved it and Edda thought it was pork as a filling, LOL! It’s slightly sweet and savory at the same time and brie and tuna came out well together. It’s hard to believe I was actually eating a tuna wanton.

I was at a friend’s house during a Chinese New Year Party and she was serving some crackers with Brie as an appetizer. That was the first time I had brie because I don’t normally had cheese in my house or tried any sort of cheeses out there in the market. My hubby and I were blown away at how creamy and delicious it was but when asked, the host forgot which brand of brie she bought. I tried one brand in the market and it was not it and tasted horrible. Then, I think I finally found it, it was this Ile De France Le Brie that she was serving at that time. This cheese was mild and creamy and totally yummy. This brand is awesome!

Survey says . . . . . .

Monday, March 8th, 2010
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Nearly 3,000 people participate in our year end survey.

Survey-takers think is providing well-organized cheese info – but cheese lovers do think a few things could be added to the mix.

More snack recipes, more wine and cheese pairings and more party tips were popular requests.

Cheese Lovers also expressed a taste for new coupons, contests and giveaways – all of which will be covered each every month both at and right here at the CLB. Here’s a few other popular responses to our survey – and if you have anything to add, just make a comment at the end of this post and we’ll add it to our results!

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