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Cheese around the web

Thursday, May 5th, 2011


Join us each week for a look at the latest gourmet cheese news from across the web! This week; Cheese Tasting Party Tips, a Grilled Cheese Social Project, the Montpelier Wine Festival and a Teenage Gourmet Blogger!

– Cheese Tasting Party via netplaces Having cheese-loving friends over? Here are eight rules to host a cheese tasting party!

– The Grilled Cheese Bus via grilledcheesebus The grilled cheese bus is a project to empower the youth and working students from low income communities who are most impacted by social injustice!

– Montpelier Wine Festival via montpelierwinefestival If you are a wine lover you souldn’t miss out on this event! Wine history, tasting tips, cooking demonstrations & chef cook recipe sharing – a weekend filled with everything a wine lover could possibly wish for!

– Teenage Gourmet Blog via ateenagegourmet As a 5 year old girl, Samantha won a recipe contest with her “Gouda-Lover’s Chicken Sandwich” – today she shares her recipes with thousands of visitors online! Visit the blog of this highly talented young food lover!